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Issue 859, Sunday March 12, 2023
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New Madrid 1811-1812

The Zetas describe 1811-1812 as 'aftershocks" from a prior New Madrid Adjustment, and state that what is pending will be more violent. What did the survivors of the 1811-1812 New Madrid Adjustment experience?

New Madrid Earthquakes 1811-1812
The shock waves were felt from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Following along like malevolent handmaidens, some 2,000 aftershocks ensued. The earthquakes caused the ground to rise and fall - bending the trees until their branches intertwined and opening deep cracks in the ground. Deep seated landslides occurred along the steeper bluffs and hillslides; large areas of land were uplifted permanently; and still larger areas sank and were covered with water that erupted through fissures or craterlets. Huge waves on the Mississippi River overwhelmed many boats and washed others high onto the shore. High banks caved and collapsed into the river; sand bars and points of islands gave way; whole islands disappeared.
Summary of 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes Sequence
October 2, 2019
Most of the uplift occurred during prehistoric earthquakes. A strong correlation exists between modern seismicity and the uplift, indicating that stresses that produced the uplift may still exist today. This powerful earthquake was felt widely over the entire eastern United States. People were awakened by the shaking in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Charleston, South Carolina. Perceptible ground shaking was in the range of one to three minutes depending upon the observers location. People discovered that most of crevices opening up during an earthquake ran from north to south, and when the earth began moving, they would chop down trees in an east- west direction and hold on using the tree as a bridge. There were "missing people" who were most likely swallowed up by the earth. Some earthquake fissures were as long as five miles. Sounds of distant thunder and loud explosions accompanied the earthquakes.
Strange Happenings during the Earthquake
The earthquakes and aftershocks caused extensive damage throughout northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri, altering the landscape, affecting settlement of the area, and leaving noticeable reminders that another huge earthquake could happen at any time.
New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812
At New Madrid, the people were shaken from their beds at about 2:15 a.m. They poured into the streets in panic, huddling together through the night as animals ran wild, trees toppled over, and houses were leveled. The earth swayed, shook, and gaped open in giant fissures that swallowed anything their path. The ground rolled in several-foot-high waves until they burst, hurling up geysers of water, sand, and a charcoal-like substance. Giant fissures swallowed buildings, along with anyone inside. Some land rose, and other land sank to become inundated with water as rivers changed their course to fill the hollows. Huge chunks of riverbank collapsed into the Mississippi, and an island rose. Weekly, sometimes daily, tremors continued into 1816. Some who went through the earthquakes thought the end of the world was near. 

US and European surveillance planes continue to scour the skies above the SE Portion where the leap to the East is expected when the Bridge over the town of New Madrid finally fractures and releases its hold, and above Europe where the resulting tsunami is expected.

Signs that the New Madrid Rupture was pending have been evident since 2017, when a dramatic light spiral emerged from the Isthmus in South Mexico, where the Fault Line emerges. At the time, no one knew what the spiral might mean. Now it is clear, after the Pemex oil and gas field explosions, the sinking land on the western side of the Mississippi River, and now the disasters in Ohio along the Fault Line under the Seaway. Per the Zetas, the unzipping of the Fault Line happens in iterations, which will now start to get serious.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/4/2023: Spirals such as the 2009 Norway spiral are similar to lightning which wants to ground, and during electronic screech in the rock will be attracted to that location. Electronic screech where rock is squeezed so electricity can flow through any chambers readily is prevalent during rock compression. As is known the Isthmus is where the New Madrid Fault Line begins, and has been distressed since October, 2019 when the separation of the Mainland and SE Portions began. This spiral was heralding the rupture at the Isthmus.

The SO2 emissions map shows where rock is being pulled apart and is prevalent in stretch zones. Thus the sequence of events seen at the Isthmus shows extreme distress with a screech spiral in 2017, a large quake on March 2, and following that the SO2 emissions suddenly going pale, indicating no more rock ripping. We described the New Madrid Adjustment as an unzipping process, starting at the Isthmus and thence through the Gulf and up along the Mississippi River. This has been ongoing in iterations, but now the iterations will get serious.

Zetas RIGHT Again!

Since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, people have noted the ZetaTalk Accuracy. They became so numerous that a compilation was started in the Toubled Times pages, which are hosted on the ZetaTalk website. Some 201 examples were collected.

AIDS, Airforce One Flyover, Air France 447Airplane Crashes, Albinos, Animal Illness, Annunaki Gold, Antartica Ice Fractures, Anthrax Attack, Area 51, Assassinations, Asteroid Threat, Atlantic Rift, Atlantis, Attack on America, Australian Artifacts, Autism, Bank Freeze, Bank Supports, Barter, Bee Colony Collapse, Bigfoot, Big Bang/Black Holes, Billy Meier, Bin Laden, Bird Flu Pandemic, Blaming the Sun, Booms, Brazilian Roswell, Brown Dwarf, Bush Clone, Bush Insanity, Bush Decapitation, Cataclysm Masks, Cattle Mutilations, Cell Evolution, Centrifugal Force, Chemtrails, China as Investor, China Threats, Chinese Pyramids, Chupacabras, Clinton Demise, Columbia Shuttle, Comet Behavior, Comet Origin, Contradictory, Cover-up Increase, Cover-up Crack, Crane Collapse, Crash at Kecksburg, Crop Circles, Crop Circle Video, Crop Failures, Dark Matter, Deflecting Asteroids, Deformed Frogs, Devil's Triangle, Dinosaur Dieoff, Discovery Shuttle, Dogon Tribe, Domino Quakes, Dr. Reed, Early Man, Earth Core, Earth Hum, Earth Plates, Earth Plate Movement, Earthquake Reports, Earthquake Quickening, Earth Torque, Earth Twin, Earth Wobble, Easter Island, Ebola Spread, Economic Collapse, Face on Mars, Faked Terrorism, Faster than Light, Fisheries, Flashes, Flying Triangles, Fossett Disappearance, Frog Populations, Giant Hominoids, Global Warming, Gold Bar Fraud, Gonzales Resignation, GPS Failure, Great Pyramids, Hale Bopp, Hezbollah, Hoagland, High Tides, Human Combustion, Hurricanes, Atypical, Jet Stream Changes, JFK, John, Jr., JP Morgan, Lebanon Invasion, List to Left, Living on Light, Illness, Implants, Imploding Buildings, Iowa Floods, Iran Invasion, Iran Oil, Israel Aggression, Loch Ness, Magma Slam, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Whammy, Magnetic Trimesters, Mammoth Lake, Marilyn Monroe, Mars Exploration, Mars Water, Martial Law, May 5 2000, Melting Poles, Memphis Bridge, Meteor Upticks, Migrations, Military Rebellion, Mississippi Bridges, MJ12 Documents, Moon Base, Moon Cities, Moon Plume, Moon Rotation, Moon Swirls, N America Bowing, Neanderthal Man, New Land, Newman's Machine, Newton's Laws, Ocean Rebound, Ocean Vortex, Omnipotent Krlll, Orbit Halt, Outages, Pakistan Sinking, Permafrost Melt, Philadelphia Experiment, Planet X, Planet X Denial, Planet X Gravity, Planet X Triangulation, Pyramid Mercury, Pole Shift Equator, Probe Behavior, Red Rain Microbes, Red Sea Stretch, Repulsion Force, Roswell, Rotation, Russian Overflights, Santilli Tapes, Satellite Failure, Saudi Takeover, Sea Level Rise, Seaway Rip, Shroud of Turin, Sighting Aliens, Slowing Rotation, Social Security, Solar Reversals, Solar System Magnetism, Starvation Denial, Stretch Zones, Summer Snowstorms, Sun Binary, Sun Scald, Suppressing Word, Swine Flu, Syria Strike, Tornadoes, Traveling Planets, Triangular UFO, Troops Home, Tunguska, TWA800, UFO Increase, UK Foot and Mouth, Ummo, Volcano Uptick, Vote Fraud,  Wandering Planets, Warm Winters, Waves, Monstrous, Weather Changes, Weather Swings, Weather Predictions, Whirlpools, Work Camps, Worldwide Infertility, Yellowstone

Then the Pole Shift Ning opened in 2009 and began compiling more examples. 28 more were identified at that time.

Zetas RIGHT Again! An Ever-Expanding Archive of ZetaTalk Accuracy
Previous Posts, Some Live and Updated Frequently, Relevant to this Topic:

Antarctic Ice, Autism, Chinese Bullet Trains, Comet Elenin, Indisputable Crop Failure, Crop Failure, Depression Denial, Depression Denial, More EARTHQUAKES Worldwide, Earth Wobble Indicators, Ever-Increasing Fireballs, Food Prices, Insurance Company Losses, Magnetic Trimesters, Mars had Water, Satellite Shutdown, Satellite Shutdown, Satellite Shutdown, Speed of Light, Strange Sounds, Undersea Cable Breakage, USGS Shenanigans. USGS Shenanigans, USGS Shenanigans, Venus Transit, Wobble Weather, Sea Ice Patterns.

Just recently, with the Africa Roll and Turkey quakes, more instances of Zetas RIGHT Again have emerged and been documented on the New Madrid JOLT Timeline blog. On December 28 a long-standing prediction in 2010 by the Zetas that the Saudi Plate waggle would cut through northern Iraq, exploding oil fields proved true. The quakes in Turkey were also predicted by the Zetas in 2011. And most dramatically, the effect on the Mediterranean Sea floor as a result of the African Roll. This was a 2007 prediction.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq, which is what is building the mountains that separate Iraq and Iran. This takes Jordan and Syria for a ride, as they are in the rear seat and not where compression is occurring. But all of Iraq is crushed into the mountains along its border with Iran. This will explode the oil fields in northern Iraq, heave and split the ground, and make survival in this portion of Iraq very risky. The hills of western Iraq will be safe.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/26/2011: Turkey is riddled with fault lines, as a quick glance at a map shows. Fortunately, Turkey is high ground, and anyone within the country can position themselves in the center of the country for the pole shift, 100 miles from shore and 200 feet above the current sea level. One should not be on the border of the Arabian Plate, as the Arabian Plate will roll its top part to the East, jumbling rock in its path. One should not be on the North Anatolian Fault Line, if one has their options, as like all fault lines there will be movement and tumbling rock. If forced to stay near the coastline of the Black Sea one should seek a point 400 or greater feet above sea level, while avoiding the tumbling rock in the higher mountains along the fault line. When the 7 of 10 scenario for Africa occurs, dropping Africa and widening the Red Sea, the isthmus holding Istanbul will tear, dropping the city into rubble. During the hour of the pole shift, what is left of Istanbul will find water sloshing back and forth between the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and will be gravely affected by quakes along the various fault lines that traverse the area. Tsunami will not be the issue during the Earth changes affecting Turkey, as the fault lines move horizontally and will not raise or lower plates on either side to create a mass of water on the move.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2007: We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a yaw in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop?


Siri can be programmed to help run the household, and the new ChatGPT has been programmed with mountains of information to divulge. But who is programming ChatGPT? If it has been directed to search the CNN databases then might Fake News arise as the answer? Sounding almost human, ChatGPT could pose as a human, too. The Zetas warn that this new Artificial Intelligence tool could be dangerous, and the truth could be the victim.

IBM Built a Giant AI Supercomputer in the Cloud to train Its Massive AI Models
February 23, 2023
Much attention has been given to artificial intelligence ever since OpenAI unveiled its AI language model called ChatGPT. Public interest surged after getting a free hands-on trial taste of AI. Response was so great, Microsoft and Google were forced to quickly integrate AI into their search engine infrastructures. The release of ChatGPT will likely go down as a turning point in the evolution of AI.
ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue
We've trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/2/2023: Early in the ZetaTalk saga we were asked about robots, as many popular movies presented the premise that robots could think, have a conscience, and thus be considered a mechanical version of a man - a thinking machine. Per the Zetas, movies such as Terminator, I Robot, Eva, and Star Wars were presenting robots that would never be allowed by the Council of Worlds, as evolving souls must have free will and robots are inherently a slave class. The development of drones to make deliveries or replace soldiers on the field continued, but were clearly operating as programmed by man.

Talking machines such as Siri could be programmed by a household or individual to act as a reminder service, a verbal calendar, turn electrical appliances off and on, and lock or unlock the door. But the development and success of ChatGPT involves more than convenience. ChatGPT has the potential to influence the public, without their being aware. All robots are programmed by humans, and the databases ChatGPT uses have the capacity to misrepresent the facts or color the answer ChatGPT provides. Therein lies the danger.

Indeed, the establishment has a lot to hide. There is a cover-up over the alien presence, a cover-up over Nibiru, a cover-up over massive crimes such as the election fraud of 2020 and the assassination of JFK, etc. The current Secret War being run by the Junta and White Hat alliance to eliminate Satanist control and the Cabal Globalist agenda is ongoing, and holding down civil war by the use of Doubles. Arrest the perpetrators and take them to Gitmo, and meanwhile replace them with Doubles. What to do about the rising number of Doubles? Perhaps admit the truth.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/2/2023: Why have the White Hats in the Commonwealth of Canada and the Junta in the US gotten sloppy exposing the Doubles they run? As we explained last December, using a double was to be able to quickly arrest and prosecute the original without alerting the public. Thus politicians, Heads of State, royalty, celebrities, TV talking heads, and billionaires would be quietly replaced by Doubles, but they always had a tell. Maintaining a Double is expensive as each requires a team. But how to drop the pretense?

They can die of old age, as Queen Elizabeth did, or retire from public view, as Speaker Pelosi did, but as the public is increasingly catching onto the use of Doubles a new way to drop the pretense was devised. Simply admitting that Doubles are used and proffering the reasons. For safety, if the original would be out in the open and subject to a sniper's assassination bullet, or if travel delays a public appearance by the original.  Heads of State can confer via a secure conference line and use the Double for the press release photos.